Therapy Sessions 

Talk Therapy

In a safe environment, Jennifer will allow you to open up and together explore your feelings, thoughts and decisions that you have made or are making in your life, and consider their consequences. 

Help you build your self-esteem and trust your instincts.

Through mindfulness techniques, breath, movement and exercises you can experience self-reflection and self-understanding. Find compassion for yourself with an ability to see the bigger picture.

Learn to listen to yourself and tune into your inner thoughts and feelings.

Learn you can choose how you respond to the passing storms of life in a mindful and creative way.

Jennifer uses a combination of all the below-mentioned tools and MORE to improve your mental health and well-being.
Sessions available through SKYPE or in person. 
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Present State Awareness

Take your life from just surviving to one of passionately thriving. Through mindful meditation, it will give you the tools to manage the range of emotions we feel daily from moment to moment. Take control of your body, decrease anger, anxiety, pain, confusion and other mental health conditions.

Neurologically these thoughts produce emotions that communicate through neurotransmitters, these facilitate communication between your nerve cells, inhibiting the production of serotonin known as the happy hormone.

The brain and neuroscience is a very complex area and much research has been done to find out cures through medicine.

PSA helps you get out of your vortex of thoughts and into the present moment, this allows you to get some space from your mental phenomena and see things with clarity, without being absorbed and falling into it completely.

The practice of Present State Awareness will help you think more clearly and handle situations that would normally engulf you, with ease. 


Our physical body can become a tight knot, Jennifer works on relaxing your physical being. When we are tense our body is stiff and feels tired and fatigued.

Touch is an amazing healer, when we receive a physical massage, 'touch' our body sends a signal to our brain, which then triggers the release of oxytocin – commonly known as the love drug – as well as the two other happy hormones, Serotonin and Dopamine.  Along with boosting the happy hormones, it has been proven to lower the hormone cortisol – a key component in our stress response. Working on the physical body is just as essential as working on your energetic, mental and emotional state, all facets of our needing to be nurtured and cared for.

Entering deeper states of relaxation through massage and meditation also makes it easier to access areas of our mind and travel through pathways to healing where freedom awaits you. Through the body, relaxation and trust is the key to opening and allowing ALL to flow. 


Start to notice how energy affects you, other peoples energy, for example, those that drain you and suck the life from you, as a supposed to those that make you shine bright. Tap into your energy core and be able to ground yourself in times of turmoil. Keep your energy levels high and shining brightly. Energy can affect everyone in different ways but flows through all of us, allow energy to flow freely through you. When energy is freely moving it increases our vitality, our excitement and passion of life. 

Life Coaching​

Do you need a little help and direction in reaching your full potential? Life can be confusing and people's personal goals can become jaded by other overbearing factors, influences or people in their life.

Having truthful and supportive discussions, in a safe environment with someone who is on your side, can help you see with clarity the best goals for your future. 

Jennifer uses a structured series of exercises that will peel away the layers and are truly vital tools in expressing needs and getting them met.  

Couples/Relationship Coach​

Many people have seen counsellors before or perhaps a marriage counsellor and experienced a great disappointment. Not all Counselling sessions or counsellors are the same do not give up Jennifer can help you reach your full potential and focused goal.  If it is not a specific problem you can learn new pathways, techniques of connecting and growing. 

​Couples Therapy

A Couples/Relationship Coach is like a personal trainer and can help you to reach the next level. Learn to connect in different ways, to find resolutions to problems and to fall in love again.

You may think this is impossible and your relationship is stagnant but through Jennifer's specialised coaching and therapy methods life-changing results can be accomplished.

Explore a greater understanding of your partner and design a relationship with a sustainable foundation.

Using Neuro-linguistic programming re-wire your conscious and unconscious to develop the skills you need for an optimal life with your partner. Jennifer's vision is a future in which healthy relationships form the heart of a thriving society. 

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