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HQ Australia

Announces its first course back after Covid-19

Jennifer is a  Certified Teacher Trainer with the IIOT: offering a 3 part program for those who wish to add an extra module to their current practise or wish to start a new practise.


The training incorporates: 

Energy flow, Yogic Breathes, Yoga Asanas, Manifestations, Mindfulness, Transformative Touch,  Meditation and Rituals.


'A spiritual Life Path'

The program balances all facets of our being from physical, mental, spiritual and energetic. 

You will learn about and focus on balancing ones health using the Chakra system and all the elements within each Chakra that weave into the very fabrics of our lives.

Certified Tantra Practitioner Training with the IIOT a global movement.

a Mindful Bioenergetic Bodyworker course

The IIOT offer a choice of 1-2-1 learning options, you would need a partner to work on, or in small paired groups.

This layered training can be taught over the course of 3 days.


  • PLACE: Milton Keynes

  • PRICE: £750.00

  • TIME : November 11th, 12th, 13th 10:30AM - 4PM Timing may vary on days depending on number of students and experience.

  • This program also includes 8 hours home study.  

  • Book :  or

  • Or pay your deposit and reserve your place on

  • A Deposit of £200 is requested to be received by 23rd October if you are later than this please email.


  • November 25th,26th,27th click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £750 : £200 deposit must be received by 6th November 2020,

        Full payment by 19th November 2020. 

  • December 9th, 10th 11th click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £750 : £200 deposit must be received by 13th November 2020,

        Full payment by 2nd December. 


  • January 27th, 28th, 29th click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £850 : £200 deposit must be received by 8th January 2021

        Full payment by 22nd January 2021

  • February 24th 25th 26th  click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £850 : £200 deposit must be received by 5th February 2021

        Full payment by 19th February 2021

  • March 24th, 25th, 26th  click to book via Eventbrite or email to request more information.

       Total £850 : £200 deposit must be received by 5th March 2021

        Full payment by 19th March 2021

London Dates

  • April 14th, 15th, 16th 2021 BOOK NOW to request more information.

       Total £850 : £200 deposit must be received by March 1st 2021

       Full payment by March 26th 2021  

Get your Accredited Tantra Practitioner Certification in MARBELLA, SPAIN

  • June 4th , 5th , 6th MARBELLA SPAIN 10.30 - 3.00

  • 3 levels over  3 days 

  • £900 Course price does not include accommodation or food.

  • Deposit required by April 1st  2021 

  • Full Payment required by May 7th 2021

  • Email for more information and to reserve your place.



  • PLACE : The urban boutique Villa Marbella see RETREATS

  • PRICE :  £1200 includes accommodation and food. 

  • Dates : Nov, 6th,7th,8th. 2020 

  • Book via Eventbrite

  • Email for more information


Tantra Practitioner Training Milton Keynes 

Let your true power explode

Add tantra skills to your current modality, or a new career in something you feel passionate about, Teach Tantra Independently.

Working with women, men or couples enriching relationships, this course is life changing and personally invaluable!

Here is a short and general outline of the course content; Please email for full course description

Level 1

Chaka Mandala

Theory: An introduction to Tantra, the Spiritual life path and all that surrounds it. The Class also covers the Neuroscience elements; Which chemicals the body releases, when and why, helping you to learn to drive the car yourself. Your body is a vehicle and if you know how; you can drive it and not let it be in control of driving you. 


You will learn the attunement and how to presence, an integral part of mindful experiences.

Learn a comprehensive understanding on the Chakra System and how to recognise and work through the blockages. You will learn to take a shadow walk through the chakras and gain skills to help your client connect with his/her powers and clear the pathway for energy. This element of the levels is rather like a conscious guidance session, through your training you will become fully equipped to guide your client and hold the space, opening the doorways of their personal achievements, goals and struggles.


Discovering expanded states of bliss through a combination of breathes, yoga postures and a choreographed full body massage.


The basics of sexual energy how to activate and circulate it and channelling your intentions into the universe.

Learn how to successfully manifest and make your dreams your reality

Working with Shakti energy we focus on Yoni Healing, enhancing and expanding into limitless pleasure.

Experience A powerful yoni re-birth and Delve into the Sacred Womb Space, honouring the Sacred Womb’s divine power.


Packed with self-development tools

Shivas learn how to cultivate great presence in every day life, how to embody the potent masculine energy and enhancing pleasure & control.​


Level 2​

Your Body is your Temple

Repeating the Attunement from level 1, so you will become comfortable and intuitive with this but following the same structure.

We will delve more into the 7 breaths of Tantra, these breaths are incredibly powerful when practising Tantra.

In this class you cover the above breaths combined with Yoga Asanas. 

Whilst starting the massage you will learn to teach your client each breath and dynamic posture: as you are massaging them.

You will invite the activation of kundalini energy, whilst teaching your client aspects of Tantra. 

We also go over how to guide your client on which breathes to do and when to do them combined with the asanas.

In this level we focus on less verbal teaching more on experiencing, putting the breathe techniques, yoga asanas and massage together.  It is a magical time but also very tutorial.

You will learn how to teach the Taoist theory of cultivating of the seed/source, with the Microcosmic Orbit. 

Teaching how to control the muscles in dynamic yoga postures with locking the Mula bandha, the root lock. This is particularly popular subject for men, as everyone wants to know the secrets of tantric sex! and how the male can make love for extended periods of time.

It teaches men the 3 major areas of lovemaking in Tantra physically, emotionally and spiritually.

All the techniques learnt are used in Tantric Sex so once harnessed they can be applied with your partner for powerful love making and deep connections.

There is a focus on intention setting and channelling the energy for manifestations, using powerful sexual energy and high vibrations. 

Level 3

Tantric Bliss

This class cumulates with you all that you have learnt in levels 1 and 2 and builds onto them.

6 Tantric Yoga Sex positions,  5 Tantric Breath Techniques along and other dynamic movements or postures for energy flow.

The  Asanas help expand pleasure and are essential daily practises for the tantric lover. There are Asanas specific to men for agility, power and prowess along with specific to women; womb yoga and yoni power yoga. These Asanas lead into awakening the Kundalini energy and ecstatic dance.

This session is much quieter, it is where you and your client put together all they have learnt in sessions 1 and 2, utilising the 7 breaths of Tantra and combining with the yoga postures, Into full action.

It is more focused on the energy as you guide your client through the massage, breaths, postures raising sexual energy and circulating it around it will be a very powerful experience.

This Level can also include Variations at the end

Yab-Yum the ultimate meditation Asana or alternatively a transcending Earth Yoni blessing: a beautiful journey honouring the divine feminine.


Packed with practical self- development tools to promote healing on all 4 levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual.

You  can teach this level exactly as you learn it, alternatively you can expand it incorporating your own mindful skills and gifts.

Business School

Learn how to open your own Tantra business, you can either open your own business or add another modality to your already existing practice.

How to build your own great website: advertising strategies: telephone manor: taking bookings: organisation: forms: Ethics as a teacher: boundaries: client confidentiality: complaints procedures:

Insurance; this Certificate enables you to IICT Association Membership & Insurance Cover for Tantra Practice.

This is a program that you will learn and offer to your clients following the training guidelines and modules.

As a teacher you will watch your clients develop, expand and improve their whole quality of life.

All Certifications enable you to IIOT Association Membership & an option for Insurance Cover.


The course includes:

Intensive Training with the IIOT in this bespoke program: Level 1,2 & 3.

A Full and extensive Manual.

After Care Support, you are not alone afterwards.

Certificate of Completion and Recognition.

Membership with the IIOT.

There is also a business module including Websites and Advertising.

Due to covid - 19 smaller groups will be held, more regularly and dates can be  flexibility to make it work for everyone, in the current situation.