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Tantra Practitioner Training

International Institute of Tantra

IIOT Massage , Therapy, Yogic Breathes and Postures 

Offering Certified Professional Practitioner Training.


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HQ Australia

Working as a Certified Teacher Trainer; with the IIOT I offer a 3 part program for those who wish to add an extra module to their current practise or wish to start a new practise.

The training incorporates: 

Energy flow, Yogic Breathes, Postures, Body Sways, Meditation and Massage.

A spiritual Life Path


The program balances all facets of our being from physical, mental, spiritual and energetic. 

You will learn about and focus on balancing ones health using the Chakra system and all the elements within each Chakra that pertain to areas of our lives.  

Certified Practitioner Training

I offer a choice of 1-2-1 learning option, you would need a partner to work on, or in small paired groups.

This layered training can be taught over the course of 3 days with 12 hours home study.

It is normally over 3 consecutive days but can be spread out if necessary.

Prices are 

LEVEL 1 £ 200

LEVEL 2 £ 250

LEVEL 3 £ 300

TOTAL £750

This is a program that you will learn and offer to your clients following the training guidelines and modules.

As a teacher you will watch your clients develop, expand and improve their whole quality of life.

All Certifications enable you to IIOT Association Membership & an option for Insurance Cover.


The course includes:

Intensive Training with the IIOT in this bespoke program: Level 1,2 & 3.

A Full and extensive Manual.

After Care Support, you are not alone afterwards.

Certificate of Completion and Recognition.

Membership with the IIOT.

There is also a business module including Websites and Advertising.


For full course details or information see please email

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