Prices & Services

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Counselling online via Skype or Zoom 1 hr 121 £80


A bespoke session tailored to your personal needs of healing.

Conscious Heart-Based Counselling 

Do you suffer from negative thinking patterns and depression? Try Neurohacking old habits out and creating new healthy thinking processes. Create a long-lasting effect and live a happier life.  Need someone to talk to who's on your side that can help you find clarity in the chaos? Need to work through Trauma? Heart centred loving conscious therapy in a safe space. You can have as many hours as you need.


 The online skype or zoom sessions include Talk Therapy, Neurohacking, NLP, Meditation, Breath Work and a range of techniques for life.  


121 in-person sessions include bodywork, movement, meditation, breath-work, talk therapy and healing £80 per hour.
We will work on whatever issue is on the table and break it down to manageable bite-sized portions.


These sessions include 'all that is needed' with the goal being to find the path to resolution and happiness.

Couples Therapy 121 £120


Learn to communicate in new ways, forgiveness or rekindle love.


Is your relationship broken? and you have a desire to fix it..or need help in deciding if you desire to fix it?
Working through trauma, infidelity, bereavement.
Make your new relationship based on love and respect, if you are new loves and wish to have a successful modern relationship with structure, boundaries and good communication. 
Rekindle love, fall in love all over again. Conscious based sessions. 


Online is talk-based therapy with practical communication techniques, releasing, trauma management, tantric heart connections, exercises, homework. 

121 sessions are Talk based therapy intertwined with practical communication techniques, releasing, trauma management, tantric heart connections, rituals, taste, smell, visual, raising energy, harnessing energy, healing, balancing, locating blockages and triggers. These sessions can be very intense and they are life-changing. 

Life Coaching 121 £80


Goal Setting: Support to open your mind & break down the barriers.

These sessions are bespoke for your needs and goals, we will work through a structured process using tools and providing support to enable you to broaden your perspective and open your mind.
Our aim is for you to go from 'where you are' too ' where you want to be' in effect reaching your goal.

Online session involves talk therapy, goal planning & manifestations


121 session include talk therapy, mindful techniques, problem-solving techniques, goal planning, manifestations, breath, balancing, energy work and bodywork

Healing a Broken Heart 121 £80


Do you feel completely broken and need healing &  loving nurturing? 

Do you have a broken heart... caused by a lost loved one? bereavement? or relationship breakdown?. Do you feel lost? or have an aching loneliness inside you that you co-exist with every day? 
Book now to start the journey of travelling through the darkness to the light. 
Work towards letting go, to healing your heart, nurturing, kindness, recovery, get in touch with the inner self and listen to the words that come to you. The most important relationship we have in this life is with ourselves.


An online Zoom session will include NLP, Meditation, Movement, Talk Based Therapy, Healing, Energy work and Virtual Hugs.

These sessions are heart centred and 121 will include, NLP, Bodywork, Meditation, Movement, Talk Based Therapy, Healing, Energy work and Hugs.

Learn the Art of Meditation 121 £80


Learn the Art of Mindful Meditation or come on a journey with a beautiful guided meditation & breathwork.

Through breath and movement learn the art of mindful meditation, escape the chaos of thoughts and transcend to higher realms. Access your personal creative wisdom and find liberation and freedom without the use of drugs.
When we are mindful of our actions, we pay more attention to what we are doing. It’s the opposite of going through the motions—instead, you are tuned into your senses, noticing your thoughts and emotions.


online sessions include tutoring, guided meditations, breath, movement.

121 sessions include tutoring, smell, taste, sound, guided meditations, experiences,  breath and movement. 

Women's Circle


Join a beautiful circle, email for dates of next meetings, or have a 121 with Jennifer. Working towards women from all walks of life awakening and finding their fullest power.


Together as a sisterhood, we heal, dig deep, do our work, and choose to live with purpose and integrity.


Working with globalsisterhood A worldwide Movement. 


These groups are to connect women and help them find true power and healing to break the chains society binds us with and replacing them with connectedness and sisterhood.