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Jennifer is passionate about working with women and bringing women together. 

Find your power!! Serene4life works with women to find their inner power and to take charge of their lives. Jennifer helps women from all walks of life discover their own personal path towards the light and ultimate freedom.  We heal and move through past wounds allowing us to shine our light brightly and unapologetically. 

When a woman’s instinctual nature is strong, she intuitively recognises the innate predator by scent, sight and hearing… anticipates its presence, hears it approaching and takes steps to turn it away.

Practice listening to your intuition, your inner voice; ask questions; be curious; see what you see; hear what you hear; and then act upon what you know to be true

Zoom Virtual Sessions 

SERENE4LIFE offers a range of services ever-expanding for women, due to coronavirus women's workshops are on hold temporarily. However you may join one of our WOMEN'S CIRCLES. These circles are an evolving program of empowerment, discovery and support following the moon and lunar waves through the zodiac.

You can also make new friends, authentic friendships, network and find out if other women have gifts/services/groups they are offering.  Women supporting women.

For private therapy Jennifer is offering ZOOM and SKYPE sessions for women to embark on their journey. 

Zoom and Skype are a great way to reach out in this current climate and becoming the new normal. 

'Women who run with the wolves' 

  • Are you a woman in business constantly dealing with judgments made on you? 

  • Do you find your work environment toxic?

  • Do you have toxic people in your life, draining the life from your soul?

  • Is your heart broken?

  • Do you feel broken inside? 

  • Do you need help with your relationship?

  • Do you feel lost after being a mother as to who you were... before children?

  • Do you feel sexually unattractive?

  • Do you have zero sex drive?

  • Do you suffer from stress and anxiety?

  • Do you wish to learn the Art Of Meditation and Mindfulness?

  • Have you or do you currently suffer from Hair Loss or Alopecia?

  • Are you body-conscious?  


These questions are just a sprinkle of some of the experiences and emotions we live through on our journeys. Jennifer has spent the last 27 years of her life working with women, helping and empowering. Jennifer has run workshops, women's circles and 121 personalised coaching programs and therapy for females all over the world. 

Allow Jennifer the opportunity to pass on to you what she has learned, that will help you discover your powers and give you tools that will change your reactions, perspectives and quality of life that you live today. 

Are you already a holistic therapist or masseuse and wish to learn, grow and give more to your clients through teaching them mindful practices?

Here at Serene4Life we offer courses on teaching you mindful practises and then how to teach to your clients! 

Conscious Heart Centred Counselling

Jennifer welcomes you into a safe and sacred environment where you can talk and really be yourself, no judgement, no fear, just let it all out. Serene4Life is a soft heart centred approach, allowing you to journey into things that you have never released before. Being authentic and true, really working on yourself stripping layer after layer down and deep-diving into the abyss.

We look at the neuro programming and identify the blockages and long drilled in beliefs that are you holding you back today to eradicate these. Change is possible. Let your imagination be the definition of limitless possability.

Learn how to work with manifestations, how to achieve your goals, and first discover what your goals actually are. 

Redefining Beauty: My body, my rules.



What type of food and exercise is most aligned for you at this time?

How much money is in the bank, and what do you need to do to manage it well?

Who can you truly lean on for soul-level support when times get rough?

Does your family or community truly have your back?

Does your relationship to body image, money, or sensuality need to be re-evaluated?

What do you truly want and value?

When do you feel the most beautiful, healthy, and abundant in your body? 

Has your body been sending you any messages?

What are they?

Have you been listening? 

Have you been looking after yourself?

Do you take care of yourself?

How do you feel about your appearance?


Do you suffer from painful emotions,memories or traumas from your past?