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Do you suffer from depression?
Relationship problems?
Sexual and Emotional Abuse?
At a crossroads in life and feeling lost and confused?
Low self-esteem?
Broken Heart?
Need Marriage Counselling?
Need to find your power Back?

Jennifer offers a heart-centred approach to counselling, an individualised approach that facilitates true conscious change.

This enables you to live an authentic life filled with love, laughter, oneness and belonging.

Bringing couples together to make happy families and to help individuals both male and female to be able to live life to their fullest potential. 

Online counselling is now a normal thing
Email to arrange a call now.
Jennifer Surch offers a unique style of personalised counselling sessions in a private and sacred space.
The sessions can involve a range of techniques including Talk Therapy, Breathwork, Mindful Meditation, Bodywork, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuro-Hacking, and Relaxation Techniques. 
Jennifer will work with your individual needs and goals, each session will be designed specifically for you. 
Skype or 121 sessions (after lockdown) held in Milton Keynes

International Institute of Tantra

Certified Tantra Teacher Training Level 1, 2 & 3

Work with real people enhancing relationships by adding this new modality to your existing practice.

  •  7 Fundamental Yogic Tantric breaths. 

  • Tantric Yoga Asanas. 

  • Dynamic Body Movements.

  • Tantric Massage.

  • Extensive Chakra Diagnostics and shadow walk.

  • Expanding into Pleasure and Full body Orgasms. 

  • Circulating Sexual Energy: Microcosmic Orbit.

  • Packed with Self-Development Tools that change your life.

  • Entering The Sacred Womb Space

  • Yoni Healing and Honouring

  • Balancing Masculine and Feminine

  • How to successfully manifest and use your sexual energy to attract your goals.

  • Understanding the law of the universe and living with a high vibration: attracting good things.

  • The history and linage of Tantra and how Tantric Massage is used.

  • Neuroscience -  the proof of what you are doing.

  •  Spiritual connection, how to Bring Tantra into your life everyday, understanding your relationships and your body.

  • Running a business, advertising, websites, answering the phones, dealing with situations and clients. 

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This program has been practised and taught by Yoga Teachers, Meditation Teachers, Tantric Masseuses, Sexologists, Psychologists, Holistic Therapists, Beauticians, Midwives, Doctors, Personal Trainers, Wellness Professionals

Accredited Professional Tantra Program

A Mindful Bioenergetic bodyworker Course

Due to covid, groups are very small right now, so don't miss out book your place quickly. Limited Availability

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